A few links to stuff I find interesting or is connected to my research.


Conferences I attend or have some connection to:

Decepticon 2015

Security in Human Behavior 2013

Security in Human Behavior 201 2

Security in Human Behavior 2011

Security in Human Behavior 2010 (Stephen E.G. Lea attended that. He presented our joint research).

IAREP 2013

IAREP 2011


Universities I am affiliated with:

University of Cambridge, Computer lab

University of Exeter, School of Psychology, my eprofile


Links to personal pages (related to me)

Scam research team at the University of Exeter, surveying software

PITA - Modic and Associates unltd - HR company (in Slovene)

My blog (mostly in Slovene) 


A summarization resource for psychology of deception (NOW OFFLINE from December 2020 on. Contact me for content)