At the moment I am involved in several projects connected with online deception, psychology of persuasion, Internet fraud, anti-malware initiatives and human aspects of computer security.

As of 2013, I am working on research contributing to two grants. The PI for both is prof. Ross Anderson from the Cambridge Computer Lab. 

I am a PI for my own research on psychology of security, an I am part funded by Cambridge University information Services, where I am deputy Head of CamCERT.

I am a PI for several projects at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty for Computer and Information Sciences, where I am also an assistant professor (I teach INFOSEC).


1. Deterrence of Deception

I am interested in developing robust experimental framework, which will initially be good at detecting and encouraging deceptive actions and once this framework is established, I will utilize it to frame deception in a way that would increase resistance to deception.


2. Malware and deterrence

I am interested in various anti-malware mechanisms and the psychology behind improving them, i.e. salient psychological mechanisms contributing to resistive actions in malware.


3. Psychology of Persuasion, mainly in connection with fraud

I am looking into social psychological factors that are salient in increasing compliance across contexts. This part of my research includes a development of a reliable, validated and robust psychometric scale measuring susceptibility to persuasion. This scale is applicable across contexts.


4. Psychology of Security

Taxonomy of hackers, intrusion deterrence, psychology of cyber offenders, motivation and goals of security professionals, educational and training programmes.